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The new Duncan Mcfarlane Band album, Up! Up! Up! is out now! You can get your copy from the CDs & Samples page.

Recently, Duncan has been hard at work getting more
music onto SoundCloud.

You can hear many tracks from
the Duncan McFarlane Band albums;
Dunc's solo albums;
Dunc and Anne's Duo album,
2018's Light our Way Home;
and other assorted tracks.

"Like" and "Share", and keep checking regularly
to hear your favourite songs,
plus the odd little suprise tune every now and again!

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Dunc and Anne's solo album, Light Our Way Home, is out now, and you can get hold of your copy from the CDs & Samples page.

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The keen-eyed will have spotted that this website isn't being updated regularly - that's down to Virgin
media deciding to longer 'host' web space for their customers - then to my old PC finally giving up,
subsequently being replaced by a new machine that is Windows 10 and not the old Windows XP I
used previously! This resulted in my discovering that the old programmes I used (like the one to do
my own website amendments) were not compatible with Windows 10 ...Grrrr!

2016 saw a lot less of all things folk from DMcF - My first ever epileptic fit occurred in December 2015
and I was obliged to hand in my driving license to the DVLA until I could prove the medication
kept me fit-free for the mandatory 12 months.
That period is now over and I'm looking for bookings
once again - even though the DVLA's slow red tape (made worse by the Christmas and New Year
period) has meant that they're already a month behind the scheduled date for returning my licence!
Meantime - our fiddler, Anne Brivonese, has given up the day job as a Teacher and is now driving
me about and indeed, we are looking for a lot more work as a Duo!
We've already got a lot more bookings for 2017 than we had last year - and the gig page on
this site is being kept up to date
(and the site hosted) by my good friend Steve Foster (Thanks
mate!) So you can find all our solo/duo/trio/full dMb gigs on there.
The 'CD Sales' page is also working very well, in spite of all the setbacks I've described above.

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14-18 March 2015 - COSTA DEL FOLK - Benalmedena, Costa Del Sol, SPAIN went very well indeed for Duncan!
Dunc was on the bill with Steeleye Span, Martin Simpson, O'Hooley & Tidow, Le vent du Nord and many more...

Posted on Facebook straight after Duncan's Main Stage appearance.
15 March at 21:57  
Have just spent this evening at a festival concert at Costa del Folk. First on:
Duncan McFarlane with fiddler, Robin Garside.
I was nervous for them in front of a large knowledgeable audience. Within 30 seconds of being on stage, Duncan had the audience eating out of his hand and then waving both arms in the air for the pirate song, singing every chorus and laughing at every joke! It's a long time since I saw Duncan perform - I won't leave it so long next time! We'll done that man''
Quote from the Editor of Yorkshire's Folk Quarterly 'Tykes News'
Also posted on Facebook by one of the audience...
Great to catch up with Duncan again - I was one of the 600 shouting - brilliant fun! He held the whole audience in the palm of his hand, cheering and singing along with his songs - Cathie D

And a review sent to the organisers of the Costa Del Folk, Spain 2015 contained this...
One of the many stand-out gems of this year’s festival, another real treat for festival audiences was the witty and charismatic Duncan McFarlane.
This talented guitar and vocalist had a lively stage presence and whether regaling us with a story, singing a traditional or one of his own
cleverly written songs Duncan was a true delight.''

               And I'm not sure 'write-ups' get any better than this....   Cheers Mike!

Duncan's new solo album 'Yaaargh!' now completed and on sale at gigs only!
Artwork from an original drawing by Katie Spencer - click on pic to enlarge for a better view!

'Poachers Bold' - the brand new CD by the dMb 'electric' now available! on...

Our new professionally mastered and reproduced leccie band CD 'Poachers Bold'
is now available - THIRTEEN tracks, some 60 mins, long!
Our usual mix of Trad songs & tunes given our typical 'dMb' treatment
- along with new McF compositions too.
Recorded at Long Fox Studios, mastered at Clipstore, Leeds (by Tony Bonner)
and repro handled by 'Fairplay' (Richard Ellin)
We're selling the album for at a mere 10 at gigs while currently negotiating a Distribution Deal.
You can also buy it via the Paypal link on the CDs page of this website!
Just a few clicks away on here, this CD can be yours!
Anne's finest fiddling yet - Geoff in cracking form - some well crafted new arrangements  
- even a sampled 'Blacksmith belting an anvil!'
Why not head for the CDs page on here straight away!
We must also mention....The superb artwork comes courtesy of Bowes-based artist Duncan Storr who has done album cover work for 'Hawkwind' (amongst others) and book covers for such as 'Dick King-Smith' ('The Sheep Pig' author - which became the major film 'Babe')
Check out his work at

See our 'live' dates in our Gigs Page.

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Older News Archive....
Festival appearances in 2013 for dMb (Duncan McFarlane Band - electric)... so far, include...
Maryport Harbour Festival (May), Beverley Festival (June), Cleckheaton (July), Wold Top Moonbeams Festival,
Merry Tom
Festival (July), Addingham Moorside (July), Hardraw (July), Otley (September), Ingleton (October)
...with others still to be confirmed... and one night stands at Fulford arms, York, The Swan Addingham, Retford & more...

dMb at Moonbeams Wold Top Festival, 2012                                         dMb at Maryport harbour Festival 2013
                                                                                                                 supporting Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash!

June 28th 2012:
The dMb were on Mike Harding's BBC Radio Two show in June 2012 - Here's what he said about us...
‘Absolutely great stuff; The Duncan McFarlane Band there with ‘Bed of Straw’ from their CD ‘All Rogues & Villains’
and that CD by the way is chock full of great stuff like that, really powerful playing and singing.’
– Mike Harding, BBC Radio Two, Folk & Roots Show, 27th June 2012

New contact mobile number!
From 22nd June 2012, should you need to contact the band/Duncan for gigs or info,
Duncan's mobile number has now changed to 07905 275599

Scarborough Open Air Theatre gig - Aug 2011
- the DMcF (electric) Band played a huge stage on the same bill as Jim Moray, Demon Barbers, Bellowhead & more!
(Click on pix to enlarge)

The DMcF acoustic band played at the prestigious opening of Yorkshire's new art gallery, the Hepworth, Wakefield on Sun 22nd May
The Beeb and Press will be covered the opening.

Feedback re. the new
DMcF acoustic band CD arriving daily...

I've been giving the CD a first listen today. Sounds very good - well recorded - has a nice atmosphere, like the songs.
Good harmonies and the acoustic approach give it a timeless feel which I think works very well for the choice of material.
David Crickmore, Producer, BBC Leeds

Enjoying the album very much.  Good words.
We need a name for songwriters who love the tradition... 'songwriter' doesn't tell us we are not James Blunt.
Catch you about, Cheers, Pete Morton

Just thought I would let you know Joe Rusby likes your album. I played it to him whilst we were in the van yesterday.
He said at points you sounded like a cross between Nick Jones and Martin Carthy. Hope you're keeping well, Matt Nelson

Love the new album...really appreciate (& applaud) your 'single take' approach ...that's what I call REAL RECORDING!
Nigel Paterson (mandolin, The Halliard)


The DMB acoustic line-up have released a new CD. It arrived from the manufacturers on Thurs 16th Sept 2010.
It's called 'Marked out in pegs' (those of you familiar with Dunc's 'Turn the Bones Around' will recognise that line?)
and you can buy it from the band at gigs or via PayPal from this website... just click on the CD & Samples tab, up above!
The official launch will be at Otley Festival 16-19th September - with the acoustic band playing most, if not all, of the album at the Methodist Hall on the Saturday eve from 7.15pm
Here's some of the cover artwork...
Front of booklet...                                                       ....and traycard.....

The CD has 12 tracks and besides Dunx on acoustic gtr & lead vocal, features....
Anne Brivonese on fiddle & vox, Steve Fairholme on melodeon & vox and Gerry McNeice on stand-up bass & vox.
The album was engineered, mixed and produced by Matt Nelson (in between his Kate Rusby tour duties!) then mastered at Clipstore Ltd - see

Shrewsbury Fest 09 saw the Duncan McFarlane (electric) Band on the Main Stage on the Saturday afternoon from 4pm till 5pm
Then later, we finished the night of on Stage Two from 10.30-11.30

The above two pix - Main Stage, Shrewsbury Festival 09 - DMcF (electric) Band

...and this pic from Shrewsbury Festival 09, Stage Two - where we were last on, finishing the Sat night off with a bop!

The first issue (Jan/Feb) of 'Rock 'n' Reel' in 2009!
Featured yet another track from our 'All Rogues & Villains' CD - this time, 'Rakish Young Fellow'.

Older items of interest...

  Had the honour to play at Nic Jones 60th birthday party - Jan 07!
First shot, L-R Steve, Anne, Duncan, Phil Beer (click photos to enlarge)
Group shot, L-R Duncan, Paul Gough, Nic Jones, Phil Beer (almost hidden!), Anne Brivonese, Steve Fairholme, Robin Garside

Review from 'The Living Tradition' - An extract from the review reads as follows....

                                              'Duncan has an obvious feel for the tradition and a deep-rooted belief that it
                                               has a place in the current folk scene, aspects which he puts across with lively
                                               showmanship. His own songs show a canny grasp of, and response to, the
                                               tradition, while his intrinsic seriousness of intent and approach is often
                                               laced with a healthy irreverence that happens to be hugely entertaining.'

The Penny Hedge, Whitby - Whitby has a little folklore custom that takes place on Ascension Eve at low tide. It's called the 'Horngarth' or 'planting of the Penny Hedge'.
I wrote a song about the custom's origins about three years back - see my 'Songs' page for the story and lyric.
The ceremony took place at 9am (Wed 24th May), the hedge built by Bailiff for the Manor of Fylingthorpe, Lol Hodgson, together with Tim Osborne of Staintondale who sounded the traditional three blasts of a ram's horn. Lol called out 'Out on Ye' in keeping with the custom.



Sidmouth Folk Week 06
- What another great time there. After last year's success for us in the Ham Marquee as a support act,
we were actually worried about being the top name in our given concert up at the Bulverton Marquee. No need to have been though. We were well attended - despite the final published programme missing the band out altogether and advertising the gig as me 'solo'!
Some blunders had already happened re publicity for our Sidmouth appearance.
They had a picture labelled DMcFband in early publicity flyers that wasn't us at all.
Then the 'free programme' was distributed around the folk scene and we were pictorially misrepresented a second time,
despite my sending them a set of pictures to choose from. Aaargh!
Worse still, we were billed in a marquee (a good walk out of town) on the Thursday night at the SAME TIME as the great Seth Lakeman was to take to the mainstage in the town centre's 800+ seater Ham Marquee. We'd have liked to have seen him too! Sigh. Ne'er mind! We had a good 'un! - and so did the lively and large crowd we drew too!

Car crash 2006 - A slight altercation with ice on a bend in a frozen valley up in Scotland has meant my trusty gig-wagon came to grief in an earth mound and a crash barrier - perched nicely atop a steep (very!) slope at the bottom of which was a very big and totally frozen-over Loch. Michael-Caine-in-Italian-Job-style I told my passenger (Lady Pamela) 'Don't anybody move....I have a plan...'
Couldn't drive anywhere for a while - no car! But apart from one broken finger, more importantly, we lived to play another day!

Cecil Sharp House  - Dunx 'solo' gig  Feb 06 went well - thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the place. 

Huge thanks - to Bernie Gilmour! Our usual electric-band drummer, Nick, was unavailable for the New Year's Eve gig we played up in the Dales at the Green Dragon in Hardraw. Up to the wicket strode Bernie and played a magnificent innings with no rehearsal whatsoever! He just had a good long listen to our 'studio' and our two 'live' CDs and more than kept his end alive! Cheers Bernie!

SIDMOUTH FOLK WEEK!!!  The DMcFband (electric) were such a success at this event in 05, that they were invited to return and play at Sidmouth Folk Week 2006!! Duncan was also asked to appear there as a solo artist and, in fact, was recorded playing two songs and being interviewed by Lester Simpson as part of Lester's 'Song-writer's Special'!! He used the recs for his programmes on the Beeb and Web apparently.

Otley Folk Club Christmas 'special' on Fri 16th Dec in Korks Wine Bar Big Back Room
An extended set from the DMcF band 'electric' and a smattering of special guests - including that old soak Robin Garside!
Despite Duncan losing his voice (yes, poorly again!) at the soundcheck, the gig went ahead!
How did we get by...? Well......
Anne and guest Robin G sang some of the songs, a larger number of instrumentals than usual were played,
but we were MOST indebted to Tony Suttil from local band Witney Gin - he manfully sang Dunx vocal parts
for much of the evening! Well done that man! Cheers Tony! What a star!

Glasson Festival - Dunx 2005 gig over in Morecambe led to a festival booking from his performance that night...
Booked as a solo artist, he took Anne & Geoff from
the DMcFband (acoustic) to Glasson Festival, June 30th,
for a set at Glasson Dock, LANCASHIRE. On bill as well as us...Martin Carthy, Johnny Dickinson and more...

Gainsborough Festival 05 - yep! A grand festival. Had a great time, thank you one and all.
I recommend this one whole-heartedly! And I'm not only back there solo in 06, but the band has been invited too!!!

Playing 'live' on BBC Radio Leeds

There was a 3 hour folk special on August Bank Holiday Monday 05 - featuring an interview with Richard Thompson!
Duncan (also with Anne & Steve from the band) played three songs during the show, 'Can't Go There', 'Mary Read' and 'Bed Of Straw'.
It went on air from 1900-2200hrs on 92.4, 103.9 and (in Wharfedale) 95.3 FM and also on DAB and was webcast online at It was then 'streamed' on the web for a week on that site.

It was the pinnacle of our short career (at that point) and we had a great time. An official attendance of 807 in the Ham Marquee (stayed from start to finish!) and we won many souls over. Big thanks to all those concerned, the workers, the paying public, the townsfolk, but particularly to Gordon Newton for taking the risk to put us on (on the strength of the CD alone). I believe we proved worthy of our place, judging by the crowd's response, the CD sales and the plaudits when we emerged among everyone. I feel we didn't let you down Gordon. There were big smiles everywhere! Thanks man.

20th April 05 Duncan recorded a session for BBC Radio York's Wed night folk show
with Anne from the band on fiddle - the programme was streamed on the web for a week

I toddled off at the end of May to Chippenham Fest 05 for much ale, a good sing-song wherever possible - and for the third year running was asked to help out the musicians accompanying Otley Dance side 'Flash Company' - though I prob'ly put 'em off a bit really!

Duncan close second in Folk Award
 Duncan was nominated in 2004's 'Alternative' British Folk Awards on the international folk website
'Mudcat Cafe' in the 'Best Folk Club Singer' category alongside the likes of Steve Tilston.
When the public voting was over, Dunc got a 'special mention' for coming a 'close second'. Grand! Thanks to all those that voted!

2004 - Duncan on tour with one of Oz's finest singers!
Duncan accompanied Australia's Margaret Walters (one half of Walters & Warner) on a few
of her UK tour dates, playing guitar for her as she promoted her latest CD 'Power in a Song'
- see the 2004 list on the gig page for details of the dates played as a duo. Link to MW's site on the links page.

Fri 14th Nov 03 - supported Martin Carthy at the Grove, LEEDS
A full support (for me) had been booked for a few months but then I found out that the  'regime' and  'policy' had changed.
However, the new regime there were, in the end, kind enough to let me do four songs. All went well!
Thanks to MC Sam and all concerned. 

Another 'live' appearance on BBC Radio! 

On Mon Dec 1st 03 I was interviewed and performed live on the BBC GMR folk prog with Ali O'Brien at the helm.
I sang Turn 'The Bones Around' and 'Bed of Straw' live, then Ali played the programme out with a 'demo' of the song 'Woodshed Boys'
- a rough mix straight from the recording studio (where we'd been working on our debut studio CD with the 'electric' format of the band.)

The prestigious EFDSS quarterly magazine, 'EDS' has published my 'Bed of Straw'.
At Chippenham Festival, a chap tapped me on the shoulder as I sat down having done 
two songs in the Festival Folk Club. 'Would you mind stepping outside with me for a few 
minutes?' says he. I duly followed him out - scared! He said he'd heard (and enjoyed!)  me 
doing my 'Bed of Straw' at the Fest Folk Club there. It turned out that he's a major hand 
with the EFDSS magazine. He asked if they could publish it - lyric, story, dots n' all - in a 
forthcoming issue. We exchanged details - and Lo! It appeared in Autumn 03 edition as 
promised! In a full page spread, they've printed the lyric, the musical notation for the melody,
the story behind it, and there's even a picture of the Stone Skulls that inspired the song.
I'm rather proud of this achievement to say the least!

From Bradford. 8 till 10pm every Monday. Repeated Midnight Tuesday till 2am Wednesday.
Might not reach Hull and York (except on webcast) but does serve a good lump of our area.
I might have known I'd open my mouth and put my foot in it! 
In good faith I sent out emails to my mailing list asking for action re. the axing of BBC's regional folk programme.
I've received one back (quite rightly!) from Tim Moon pointing out his 'local' show is still doing the business.
For those able to receive it, the details are above. Thanks Tim! 
But I still hope you'll all still plague the BBC with letters to get the broader reaching show back on air AS WELL! 
We need all our outlets don't we?

'Three Drunken Maidens' from my debut CD was played on BBC Radio Two's 'The Mike Harding Show'.
Right after my hero Nic Jones (doing Little Pot Stove) and on a show that also featured more 'greats' such as
Richard Thompson, Eliza Carthy & Dick Gaughan! This 'local' musician feels honoured!

Then, on Thurs 6th March I was studio guest on BBC radio's HENRY AYRTON SHOW. I performed four (not the scheduled five) songs in the end - because I talked too much! The show went out on Radio Leeds, York, Sheffield & Humberside (maybe a bit beyond too!) between 9 & 10 pm It was nerve-racking - but fun! Henry & engineer Brian were so warm & friendly - such great blokes! A pint with Brian afterwards was essential though! Here's a shot of me playing in the BBC studio.....

I'm playing a guitar made by 'wonderful' OAKWOOD INSTRUMENTS !!! 
They made two of their 'Tempest' design with neck design modified to my specifications (they're only too keen to help
with things like that!). The back and sides of one in Mahogany, the other in Rosewood. I was supposed to decide
between them, but, unable to decide, I've bought 'em both! - Link to Oakwood on the'Links' page.

The USA's prestigious national Folk Magazine 'DIRTY LINEN' has a review of my 'BED OF STRAW' CD in the current edition.
It's very complimentary indeed! You can read it in my review section. I was having  a good week! 
So I thought I'd just pop out for a lottery ticket! It didn't work!

Aint that nice.....
After doing a support spot in Harrogate to Robin Laing, I emailed him to ask for the lyric to a 'Christmas' song he did that night
- so I could use it at the school where I work in our Christmas concerts. Not only did the lyric arrive by return email, but he kindly posted (first class) the CD it was on, so I could get the tune right too! (I had said that I would 'fake that' from memory)
What a very nice guy! The song went well. Cheers Robin! He, in turn, has asked for the lyric to my song 'Not PC'

Aint that nice.....(again).....which ends up more like - Wouldn't that've been nice!
I've also just got feedback from t'other Wed night when I did a support spot to Alistair Hulett at Otley Folk Club. I'd had good chat and a drink at the bar with him and found him a very personable chap. I enjoyed his set immensely (he said he enjoyed mine too)  and we swapped CD's at the end. He was kind enough to give me a 2-CD set of 'Roaring Jack' albums - his former band in exchange for my solo CD. Then he was led off into the night, to his billet for the evening, by the Club Organiser, Steve. They sat up a while - drinking, talking and playing each other music. After Steve played him the Duncan McFarlane Band 'Live' CD, Alistair got all enthusiastic - talked of putting a band together again and setting up a tour of Germany, Australia and such - and how would we like to tour with them, doing the support? Sadly Steve had gauged the 'feel' of the band correctly, and said it was most unlikely. They've mostly got 'commitments,' both work & family. That means the band will always be a willing semi-pro outfit, never likely to be able to pursue that kind of project. All except me of course! I'd give my eye teeth to go to Australia!!!


EVEN OLDER STUFF - I've left these anecdotes etc here just in case they're of interest.

Live recording!
The DMcFband (electric) played The Junction Inn, Bondgate, OTLEY, Tues 1st Feb 05 - This gig was recorded 'live'! - Our band played their first ever gig with it's current line-up at the Junction back on Jan 29th 2002.
The gig was recorded and our 'Live One' CD was the result. We recently heard that landlady Jude is leaving the Inn and we are unlikely play there under the 'new regime' - they may not have live music there at all in the future!.
Good luck Jude, wherever you go next - thanks for giving us our original kick-start!
To mark our last appearance at the Junction, we asked ace local sound engineer Rod Holt to record the evening.
When he's had a chance to evaluate the recordings, we'll see if we've enough good takes to give Jude a farewell CD present - and add to those we can sell of course! Big thanks to the jam-packed house for their voices!

Tsunami benefit gig on Sat 15th Jan 05, Korks, Bondgate, Otley - Otley's appeal raised around 15,500 - which BUPA have pledged to DOUBLE!! 31,000!!!!!!!!!!! Well done everyone!!!!!!!!!!! The DMcFband (acoustic) band played along with many other local folk artists in a special concert to raise money for the Tsunami Disaster Relief Operation. Much money raised! I'll post the amount here when I get to know it - thank you for your support!
Steve missed it as he was away on holiday - but it was also notable for being Geoff's first ever gig on cittern - which he played on EVERY song in the set! Nice one Geoff!

Hardraw Gathering '05 - July 29th-31st
 There was hasty rearrangement of this event. One set of organisers bowing out, another set taking the reins at short notice.
The mini-folk-fest based around the Green Dragon Public House (up at its lovely setting by Hardraw Force!) STILL went ahead in '05. Landlord Mark Thompson handed control to Steve Fairholme (he that hath run the successful Black Sheep Otley Fest these past umpteen years).  
Last year's event, which was almost exclusively 'concert-based' from start to finish, was dropped in favour of a more 'participation-based' format. There was a  'folk-club' style concert in the large back room on the Friday evening and a similar concert (featuring Julie Felix) on the Saturday evening.
 At ALL other times over the weekend there were sing-a-rounds, musicians sessions and dance teams on the go.
 These took place for FREE! (well, a 'donation-bucket' got passed around!) in the subsidiary rooms, main bar and outside in the grounds (where there's a bandstand!) and were 'loosely led' by well known names from the folk scene.
The Gathering has a NEW website for '05 up at (NOT as it was in previous years)
The DMcF Band were invited to go up and lend a hand  so we were pleased to get up there and help out at what shaped up as a relaxed and participant-friendly gathering. Same sort of arrangement for 06 - so why not come and join us all for a jar!

Sad news in 05 that the great John Peel passed away.
I was always an avid listener way back when he started on Radio One and now, grown older together, tuned in to Home Truths on Radio Four as a matter of course.
My old seventies rock band Luigi Anada Boys sent him our (vinyl) LP way back around '77.
Of course, he played tracks from it even though it wasn't 'fashionable' at that punk-orientated time (and I quote from the review of us in 'Melody Maker' of our album) to be 'virtuoso musicians'.
He usually introduced us as a 'presumably a bunch of itinerate waiters from Leeds'
Bless you John as you spin sounds in your heaven - and my heartfelt condolences to his family at this all too early loss of British Music's Champion.

Grand mention for us/me on the BBC Radio Two Folk & Acoustic Website
(on their News Page, right after a bit about Bob Dylan!) It read....
They may be fairly new to the scene, but English folk-rockers The Duncan McFarlane Band are already media stars: tracks from their debut CD Woodshed Boys are currently being featured as background music in ITV's Emmerdale*; tune in on August 3rd for a scene where their tune Jigalo issues loudly from a shed and causes complaint! Though the band is flying the flag for full-on electric folk, front man McFarlane also plays traditional music, writes songs and tunes, and has recently accompanied Margaret Walters of Sydney-based duo Walters & Warner on tour. The band is receiving top reviews in the UK and US for both their CD and live appearances.
* Actually, it was the fourth appearance of DMcFband music on the TV show!

The DMcFband (electric) debut studio CD was recorded and finished late 04 and early 05
Our special guest 'line-up'  on the CD - Alistair Hulett, Alistair Russell and Maggie Boyle.

Our Swarbaid gig - Many thanks to all concerned with the Swarbaid gig at Korks, Otley on Nov 26th 04
- A resounding success that raised 850 for Swarb and his family.
Big hugs to our guests... Alistair Hulett, Janet Russell and Artisan.
Also to our local club regulars Hannah, Nick and Gerry - great spots from all concerned.
My hat's off to my leccie band for finishing the night off - particularly as I had been unwell all day and actually lost my voice
two songs into our set and they coped SO well with me calling out a rearranged set 'on the fly'.
They brought us home via more than our usual proportion of instrumentals - and by our Anne taking on more lead vocal.
Our finale of Swarb-era Fairport numbers saw Ally H and Janet back on stage tackling Mais Si Tu Dois Partir
(Janet leading the vox) and those two, with our Anne, making a grand fist of Matty Groves with it's 19 verses!
These songs were performed without prior rehearsal (other than one acoustic run through for the band but NOT the guests) - remarkable! There was a huge roar from the crowd when the 'end' instrumental section kicked in - grand stuff!
Geoff and Anne soared on guitar and fiddle - and Nick was magnificent on it - especially as this had been his
first attempt at it with a drum kit in front of him!
Thanks to Chris and his staff for giving their time and the room free
- Rod Holt (likewise) for his PA and a great job of it! - Anne Martin (front of house, raffle and tickets)
Lastly - the paying public - thank you one and all for coming, staying, playing your part....and paying!
850 raised!!!! Cheers!

Huge thanks also to all at Amnesty International for their wonderful evening of music and dance on Oct 30th 04
The evening was a roaring success - made money for the cause - and we thoroughly enjoyed our stint.

The DMcFband played at Harewood House in August 04 - twice!
Electrically - down in the walled garden - and the acoustic format, two weeks later, in the courtyard.

HOLMFIRTH Festival - Sat 8th May 04
The DMcFband (electric) had the 'National Launch' of their 'Woodshed Boys' CD at Holmfirth Festival
- a special concert in the Picturedrome 1-3pm on the Saturday afternoon - joined by their guests on the CD!
RAUNDS Festival 04
The DMcFband (electric) deputised for Little Johnny England at RAUNDS Festival in Northamptonshire on Sat 1st May 04.
LJE pulled out two weeks afore it due to one of 'em being unavailable I believe. So we were called up as eleventh hour replacements.
Then we learned that our drummer Nick was unavailable! We drafted in an old friend, Dave Budd.
He learned the set in a week! - had two rehearsals - and we played a blinder anyway!
Thanks Dave - and all those dancing!!! Feedback from the organisers has been ecstatic!
We had a ball, and it looked like everyone there did too! - with the exception of the ONE lady that
verbally attacked our lass on the CD sales stall with... 'What have YOU done with Little Johnny England!'
- as if we had anything to do with it! Pictures on the 'Pictures' page - click below 

(acoustic) appeared at Cleckheaton Fest 04 (Fri & Sat) - made new friends - sold CDs - had a wonderful time! Thanks to all concerned!

Saddleworth Fest 04  the DMcFband (electric)
opened the main Sat night concert with a resounding (successful!) thump! 'Grand' said the sound man, 'at last, a REAL band!'
The acoustic band had an enjoyable stint in the cafe that lunchtime - even paraded round it's gangways for the last jig.
We also picked up a young percussionist - well done that wee lad! Thanks Ali & co for the fantastic time we had!

The 'electric' DMcFband had a special 'local' launch party at Korks Wine Bar, Otley on Thurs 25th March. 
(In the 'club' bit at the back)
Doors opened at 8pm and it was a full house!
Sadly, many were turned away due to  the fire regulation restrictions. Sorry!
We played a 45 min first set - had a break, then restarted - joined onstage by Maggie Boyle.
She played flute and sang with us for the entire second set (some 50 mins)
It went VERY well! The band played out of their skins, Maggie was superb - and the audience lapped it up enthusiastically. The 'National Launch' at planned for Holmfirth Festival, May 04.

The DMcFband (acoustic) had a wee gig at Cambridge Festival in 03!!!
ur Cambridge Festival Club Tent appearance went exceptionally well! Only trouble was, it seemed to fly by all too fast!
Our 30 mins came and went in what seemed like a second!!! Hope the actual 'organizers' heard us - and offer us a 'proper' booking for next year - electrically preferably! I'm sure we'd knock a few people out!

DMcFband (electric) at Otley Festival 03
.....with special appearance by the one and only Maggie Boyle!
The final Sunday night concert opened with a bang! We rocked the Civic Hall with a cracking 50 min set culminating with Maggie walking on unannounced (to a rousing reception!) for the last song (Bedlam Boys). Only the sound engineer and I knew in advance (well, I had to arrange for an extra mic!). With no soundcheck, no rehearsal other than singing along to our Live CD - Maggie showed us all how it's done. Thanks Maggie!

BBC message board
A message appeared on the BBC 'Folk & Acoustic' message board after Holmfirth Fest 03 re. the Duncan McFarlane Band's Holmfirth Festival appearance - VERY positive! More good raps followed. 
One of the later entries makes reference to my 'Woodshed Boys' - now the chap either mistyped, or misheard at the gig - as he refers to it as a tribute to James Cox - naw! - It's Harry obviously!

Holmfirth Fest 03 appearance with Chumbawamba
The DMcFBand thoroughly enjoyed their bash in the Picturedrome on the last night of the festival. We felt we were on good form and were very well received by a packed house. Not only did we get an encore (not a bad feat for a support band!) but Fest Organiser and MC Dave Eyre told the audience at the end of our session that we were the first 'name' he was re-booking, there and then, for '04 - and (he told 'em) for twice this years fee! I reckon we must have done alright by him then!
Update - months later.....
We were delighted at last year's fest to be 're-booked' ONSTAGE having just done our support to Chumbawamba in a PACKED Picturedrome! Not only were we given an encore - but the MC (who also books the 'acts') told the crowd we were his first booking for 04 - they all cheered! A few months later, I heard that he was no longer associated with the fest - there goes our booking we groaned! Ah well!
But eventually, I heard from the 'new' person in the job - we were IN! Thanks very much to Finola, Kate and all concerned - we were mighty pleased to have been given the opportunity to return. 

Who is that lady walking ahead of that man? And why are they both smiling? 
Well, it was her visit to Leeds '02 - I got to play (music!) in Millenium Square as part of the 'welcome'.
The good lady had the sense to stay inside the Civic hall at the time - only emerging after I'd vacated the stage!
Oh how we laughed.

Otley Festival 02 Weekend . . .
. . .has sadly been and gone. Enjoyed it immensely - with the exception of the 'first-on-in the-first-Fri-concert' bit. Started that one rushed and ill-prepared (my good lady had a bad fall just before and my intended preparation went out the window - dashed there late! scraped a 1min. soundcheck just as the public were let in - Bad form Dunc! Sat to compose myself only to find I'd left half my important 'bits and bobs' back in Leeds in the rush. Still, played an absolute storm (an appreciative, enthusiastic full house was the giveaway!) at the second venue that evening 40mins. after finishing the first one. ! From there my weekend went from strength to strength - particularly enjoyed my band's marathon 2.5hour set (late night too!). We could've taken the scheduled break - but both we, and the full house were 'well into it!' Cheers to all those that attended, enjoyed, bought CD's, signed the mailing list - and gave us/me such good feedback - a resoundingly successful weekend!

Here's what the Otley programme notes (they wrote 'em, not me!) had to say about me as a solo artist . . .
Otley is justifiably proud of it's stable of local talent. and Duncan is up there among our top rankers. He is a brilliant guitarist, playing a steel strung guitar finger-style predominantly in C modal tuning, which sometimes brings delightful echoes of Nic Jones. He sings much traditional material, and mixes in contemporary classics by the likes of Richard Thompson & Dougie MacLean. His own compositions are in the traditional idiom, displaying an imaginative & well-researched choice of subject matter in a lyrical and charming style.

Whitby Hiring Fair, Festival Week & a Clan re-union. . .
I took part in the hiring fair - picked spot 10 out of 12 from the hat - sat for 3 hours listening to nos. 1 - 9 then went on for my four songs - did Bed of Straw, Turn the Bones Around, Not PC and Can't Go There. Did the best I could, did OK I believe! Got some extremely positive feedback and many promises of bookings! Let's hope I get picked for Whitby next year eh?
Meantime I spent a large chunk of my week in the company of Margaret Walters (of Walters & Warner) - over from Australia and eager to meet up with me. I recognised her from 100 yards - looks like my Aunt Anna! And I look like her brother apparently. The 'email tale' of how I came to find out her maternal grandfather was one Duncan McFarlane from Glasgow (and my family all from Ayrshire) is somewhere below. Needless to say I was awestruck to meet a probable distant relation - and even more 'made-up' when she got up and sang harmony with me when I performed their Anderson's Coast at the festival folk club on the last night. What a great privilege for me! 
Thanks M - keep in touch!

Busman's Holiday! (Aug 02)
Took the family to Whitby for a week - supposed to be a break from everything!
Took a guitar (naturally) - wrote four new tunes! - even more unforgivable though, was the fact that I went to six folk clubs
in the area in seven nights! I think I've got some future dates out of it too. 
Sat 27th July -
White Swan, Mickleby
Sun 28th July - Guisborough Folk Club, at the Rugby Club, Guisborough - full booking promised!
Mon 29th July -
Saltburn Folk Club, at the Victoria
Wed 31st July - Whitby Folk Club, at The Plough - full booking likely!
Thurs 1st Aug - Cutty Wren Folk Club, Zetland Hotel, Marske
Fri 2nd Aug - Bayfolk, The Dolphin, Robin Hood's Bay - full booking obtained for October.

I come in second and third!
Word came through that two of my songs were 'placed' in Plymouth Folk Festival's Songwriting Competition. 'Bed of Straw' came second in the Traditional section. 'Not P.C.' came third in the contemporary section. I'd read about the competition in a national  music magazine - 'Making Music' - which can be picked up for free in most music stores - sent off a CD with three tracks on - and hey presto! Wonder what will come of it? 15th July '02

Cleckheaton Festival July '02 
Has been and gone - and what a great time I had too! The rain held off (after chucking it down all week leading up to it) and the atmosphere was first class. I had a Friday night concert spot - just after the interval, and immediately before the brilliant (top of the bill) Mundy/Turner.
Even though I started off a bit nervously, the third song in found me relaxing into it - and from there I felt right at home. 
From the feedback I got all weekend, I played a great set! (Not my words!) 
Saturday found me doing three concert spots in three different venues - all went very well. I made a lot of friends, sold a good deal of CD's and got tons of good feedback and support from people in the street, through stewards & organisers and (satisfyingly) from fellow performers. 
For someone like myself (after 18 months, still relatively new to this scene) it was heartening to receive plaudits from folk that I admire - established artists - the likes of Robin Garside, Mundy/Turner, John Prentice and others.
Most of all, I'd like to say (through this small outlet) a public thank-you to Geoff Pickles and his entire team
- they were ALL so friendly and helpful. 
Sunday, I had no official commitments - but I returned for the entire day - bar the last (late!) singaround. I attended sessions
and the afternoon singaround in the Wickham - playing and singing just for fun! Twas too! Thanks everybody!

Big thanks to Three's Company
Yup, many thanks to Maggie Boyle and Damien Barber for the support gig at Haworth. They gambled on this relative 'unknown' and I gave a good account of myself if the feedback from those there was anything to go by. I was a new face to most - and quite a few took the trouble at the interval to give me a pat  on the back - thanks to you, too.

New songs '02 - June

Latest two efforts - 'Can't go there' (all about disgracing oneself - something I seem to achieve at alarming regularity!) - and 'The Bones' - life seen through a game of dominoes. Both gone down a treat at Robin Hood's Bay Fest and at Pool and Otley club nights.

- An Apology - honestly, not my fault!  May'02
Played at Holmfirth festival - the whole weekend - had a great time - made many new contacts - sold some CD's - but sadly got moved from my one main-stage opportunity. Arrived to find a programme change - a mistake in timings meant I was off to an outpost instead of being in the main Sunday afternoon concert. Apologies to anyone who turned up to see me - there weren't any notices to correct the 'move' that I saw anywhere. 
Kate and her team gave me a good 'run' in a few different venues though - very kind considering I'm an 'unknown' - and I met a good few exceptionally nice folk  - everyone there was kind to me.
I was particularly pleased to hear Dave Burland mention me in his summation at the end of his Saturday night concert. Something along the lines of. . . 'What a great night we've had, must thank. . . (lists names of those on just before him, ending with). . .and that chap that was on earlier (struggles to remember name). . . he was pretty good, er, (gets prompted) yeah, Duncan McFarlane!' Maybe next time - the main stage, eh? Fingers crossed.

BIG, BIG THANKS to those that came to Pannal Memorial Hall 27th April 02 - well over a hundred came to see my concert there - they sang their hearts out and made the atmosphere absolutely brilliant!
Anne played fiddle on the entire second set and we all had a great night. Definitely the best evening of my (short) folk life-span so far!

New songs '02 - Jan
 Finished a new song called 'Not PC' - about computers - my first effort where I'm not playing guitar - or any instrument for that matter! Sang it at Otley the other week and Kev Collier asked for a copy of the words - I take that as a big compliment.
Also just finished one called 'Rawfold's Mill' concerning Luddites out Cleckheaton way in 1812. The electric band christened it at their Jan 29th Otley gig. We've also got our electric version of Canadee-i-o (that we're quite proud of) to run by you. Bass player, Tony, tells me Dave Vermond thought the arrangement was a good one - no finer endorsement needed as far as I'm concerned.

Concerning the CD. . .
The sleeve notes claim the tracks were recorded 'live' - voice and guitar together. Well, I must confess that's NOT true! Shock, horror! - There are two overdubs of a second guitar part (both on the same track) - both of some fifteen seconds or so. This completely flattens the claim - what a cheat and liar the man is!
The songs were recorded as claimed, but late in the mixdown stage, Alistair (Russell) the decided the intro on one track would benefit from a little 'something'. As I had no guitar there - I used one of his  to play the required tune (A Martin! How green with envy was I?). I repeated the dose in the middle of the song. Which song was it? I suppose 'muso-types' will spot it. Will anyone else?

Concerning getting started in all this. . .
If Mark Longster of MillFolk (Pool in Wharfedale) hadn't made me more than welcome 
- then positively steered (pushed!) me into doing MORE - I wouldn't be doing ANYTHING!
A later note... That post was placed on this site in 2007 - sadly, since then, my good friend and mentor, Mark, has passed away.
I'm leaving that statement on here as it still holds true - I owe him so very much!
RIP Mark - I will never forget you - Dunc

also. . . if Steve Fairholme (ace squeezebox cruncher & organiser of Otley Folk Festival) 
hadn't shown a lot of faith and trust in me, I'd have given up - thinking I wasn't cut out 
for performing. Two better folk for getting 'beginners' going - with a (friendly) boot up 
the backside - you'll never meet.


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