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'Marked Out In Pegs'

DMcF Acoustic Band
debut studio album - recorded in Leeds, 2010


Total running time approx 54 mins
A mix of Trad Arr and original compositions in the Traditional idiom

1.   British Man O’ War 3.54
2.   Turn the Bones Around* 5.02
Cold, Haily, Windy Night 4.48
Mist Covered Mountains 4.20
Out On Ye* 3.52
6.   Circle for Danny* 3.48
7.   Rakish Young Fellow 4.58
I Held Your Hand* 3.24
9.   Prickilie Bush 6.27
Hurry On Home* 3.46
Three Gypsies 3.22
Drinking Song*/ Stool of Repentance 4.00

Written & composed by D.McFarlane
All other titles are Traditional Arr. D.McFarlane

Fiddle and vocals - Anne Brivonese
Melodeon and vocals - Steve Fairholme
Double Bass and vocals - Gerry McNeice
Acoustic guitar & lead vocals - Duncan McFarlane


I've been giving the CD a first listen today.
Sounds very good - well recorded - has a nice atmosphere, like the songs.
Good harmonies and the acoustic approach give it a timeless feel which I think works very well for the choice of material.
Do I detect a heavier leaning on your heritage in the vocal styling department? Are you working your way towards a Scottish Arts Council grant for the next one? :-)

David Crickmore, Producer, BBC Leeds

via email: Nice one, Duncan,
Enjoying the album very much.  Good words.
We need a name for songwriters who love the tradition... 'songwriter' doesn't tell us we are not James Blunt.
Catch you about, Cheers, Pete Morton

email: Hi Duncan,
Just thought I would let you know Joe Rusby likes your album.
I played it to him whilst we were in the van yesterday.
He said at points you sounded like a cross between Nick Jones and Martin Carthy.
Hope you're keeping well, Matt Nelson

email: Dear Duncan,
Love the new album...really appreciate (& applaud) your
'single take' approach ...that's what I call REAL RECORDING!
Nigel Paterson (mandolin, The Halliard)