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LUIGI ANADA BOYS  - 'Feeling the Ceiling'
Duncan & Geoff's band in the 70's

(Plus Shipping)

1. Horror Suite
2. Turn and walk away
3. Jigalo
4. The End of Some Are Cold
5. Suck it and see
6. The Last Supper
7. Feeling the Ceiling
8. J'accuse

All compositions - D McFarlane except Track 5 - McFarlane/Taylor

LUIGI ANADA BOYS were a twin lead guitar band - lots of guitar harmonies and solos - underpinned by a tight rhythm section of bass guitar and drums from Dave Roberts and Rob Steeles respectively.
The original LP (vinyl!) was oft-played on Radio One's John Peel Show!
I've seen pristine vinyl copies selling on 'collectors' sites lately for as much as 1760!! (Yes, one thousand seven hundred and....!!!!) - and the CD is only a tenner!

Looking back on it now, I can see quite a 'heavy' folk influence there! 
The electric-folk band I have now, the 'Duncan McFarlane Band,'
plays a version of 'Jigalo' in fact!
I should also mention that the other half of Luigi's twin-guitar attack, the magnificent Geoff Taylor, still plays lead guitar with Duncan in that current band!

Duncan McFarlane - guitar & vocals
Geoff Taylor - guitar
Rob Steeles - drums, percussion & whistle
Dave Roberts - bass guitar & vocals

Email: dmcfmusic@gmail